It’s holiday season! Thanks for taking a break from your hunt for presents and non-ending stream of Christmas markets, receptions, and dinners, to read what will be one of the last posts of the year. In this period, I can’t help but feeling I am spending a lot of money — too much money — on stuff that actually doesn’t really matter. We live in a society where we express our appreciation with things we buy. Weird. But okay, there are more weird things in our society. Nonetheless, if we could at least turn our gift into something that helps live a more sustainable lifestyle, wouldn’t that be amazing? What if I told you there are already a lot of products out there that can exactly do that?

The place to be is, a website that will soon become a hub for products that are built from sustainable materials, and ideally help you reduce your environmental footprint. The featured brands have social values and nature at their core and contribute part of their earnings to those causes. The guy behind the website: me. Yes, that’s right. As if a blog and a day job are not enough to fill my days.

The reason for starting is pretty simple. I sometimes get caught up in a discussion with friends about how consumerism is working havok on our planet. But it’s difficult to neglect their argument that we just need some stuff every now and then if we don’t want to live as cavemen in the woods. If I knew some products that didn’t clash with the environment? A few, yes. But not too many. So I took it as a challenge to go on a hunt for sustainable products and gather them in one place: . Have a look and let me know if you have any products that would deserve a spot!

I explained the idea behind the website in this video I shared on Facebook (sorry for the bad lighting, working on that!):