Oooff, that went quick! We are at the end of yet another year and it seems like time flew by even faster than usual. In less than two weeks it is Christmas, which means we all have to start the increasingly difficult search for original presents for our loved ones. My personal favourites are things people make themselves: homemade chocolate cookies, a hand-drawn card, maybe a knitted beanie against the winter cold. It might cost you a lot more time than buying something in a shop or online –and that’s exactly the point: that effort is highly appreciated! It is also far better than going on a shopping haul, ending up with stuff nobody really needs, and often packaged in tonnes of plastic. Planet Earth does not approve.

That being said, if you are horrible in the kitchen and have two left hands, or are just short one time, buying a gift might be the safest option to avoid disappointment on Christmas Eve. In the infographic below, I listed some of the brands I discovered in 2018 that create products with a heart for the planet. Besides creating great products, many of them donate part of their profits to a good cause. This way your purchase can help address environmental or social issues around the world!

I wish all of you a great holiday season with family and friends, enjoy the time together :)