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Photo of the week: Soy beans

The agriculture of soy beans (photo: Yann Arthus-Bertrand)

Today the consumption of soy beans is ten times the amount of fifty years ago. Three quarters is used for the meat industry. The soaring demand for meat is putting high pressure on our planet as valuable agriculture land and ancient forests make way to grow food for animals instead of people.


Photo of the week: the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is still world’s largest coral reef system stretching for over 2.300 kilometres. over an area of approximately 344.400 square kilometres. Due to climate change and the impact of human behavior the Great Barrier Reef lost nearly half of its corals since 1985, according to a study of National Academy of Science.



I Introduction

Today we are going to talk about the ozone hole. There’s a good chance you got a sunburn in the last few weeks and so you know by experience how important it is to block out the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Luckily, most of the radiation is blocked by our dear earth’s ozone layer already. Problem is there’s a hole in it. You probably have heard of it before, but do you know what caused it, how politicians tried to stop it and why they created a new problem by doing so? You will find out soon!




Welcome to The Shift!

Hey there! The Shift is a blog about climate change and how technology can help us in our battle against it. 2015 is a decisive year to change the course mankind has been following for too long. The science is speaking clear language: climate change is here and we have a a big influence in it. Mankind has to go on a fossil fuel diet. Many of us are afraid of the transition which is needed, but hey, the technology is here! On this blog you will learn more about the problems and the possible solutions for a sustainable world. It’s about my and your future, the future of the next generations. Browse the archives and start learning something new! Like our Facebook page to stay tuned.