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My work covers the following topics:

Earth & climate — Articles focusing on the current and future state of our planet and its climate. We explore the causes and consequences of anthropogenic climate change.

Energy — Energy is the driver behind our modern society. If we want to move towards a sustainable society, energy in the form of clean heating, transport, and electricity provision are key.

Policy — Climate change is a systemic and structural problem. Individual actions are important, but not enough. We need governmental action to solve the climate crisis.

Solutions — So… how are we going to solve the climate challenge? A lot of smart and innovative people have come up with a plethora of solutions. Get inspired!

Cities — By 2050, about 75% of world’s population will live in cities. Cities play a key role in developing resilient and sustainable societies.

The ABC of climate change — Educate yourself on climate science and sustainability with these short articles explaining important concepts and terms.

Photo of the week — During the first year of blogging, I posted a picture with a story every week. I currently put the series on hold to focus on longer in-depth articles.