It’s summer time! For students preparing their final exams, this means spending hours in the library with their textbooks. If there is one thing they will all agree on, then it is that textbooks contain a lot of bullsh*t. Although the scientific correctness of that statement can be questioned, it is now empirically proven it is at least true when it comes to climate change. Or rather, what YOU can do to stop it.

Researchers Seth Wynes and Kimberly Nicholas from the University of Lund (Sweden) ranked a number of lifestyle changes that reduce a person’s carbon footprint. Next, they looked at the recommendations listed in ten commonly used high school text books in Canada. They did the same for information brochures from the governments of Canada, the US, the EU and Australia. As it turns out, both textbooks and governmental brochures suggest students and citizens to make small changes, like changing light bulbs or recycle better. Although those actions will indeed reduce one’s carbon footprint, there are a couple of actions that have a far larger impact.

Want to know which action to take to really make a difference? You can read the full paper here.  But if you are a busy person (and who is not?), you can scroll down and check out the summarizing infographic I made for you. You’re welcome :)