Holiday season is here! For many people, it’s the most special period of the year: celebrating together with family and friends, is there something better than that? And let’s admit it: we are looking forward to the presents as well. Receiving one is fun and exciting, but finding it for a someone who is dear to you can be a daunting task. Leave the junk and go for practical and fun. And why not find something that has a minimal footprint and helps the person you want to surprise to live more sustainable?

If you are looking for a tangible gift, find some inspiration in the below. Links for all the ideas are included below the infographic. But don’t forget that all stuff leaves a footprint. Giving an experience, like a ticket for a concert or visit, can end up being both better for the planet and highly appreciated ;) Happy holidays!


Links to the products listed in the infographic

Stackable lunch pot

Reusable coffee cup

Balance Wu Pulpop MP3 speaker

Games of Phones card game

Totem 60 waste separation & recycling unit

Brita tap water filter

Green 3 Recycled cotton gloves

Sprout natural cork and corn resin watch

Project GreenBag reusable shopping bag

Friends International recycled tire wallet